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Danu Skincare Ireland

Danu Relax and Recover Gift Box

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The Relax and Recover Gift Box contains three specially selected Danu products including an effective healing salve and essential oil blends that were created to help improve sleep and relaxation.

- Pillow spray
A natural pillow or room spray with uplifting verbena and lavender essential oils.

- Relaxation Therapy Essential Oil Blend
A relieving blend of essential oils for stress relief. Created using a special blend of 6 calming and fragrant oils, including Lavender, Sage and Rosewood. Ideal before bedtime or when feeling stressed.

- Healing salve
A powerful herbal healing balm ideal for use on minor skin abrasions, rashes, burns and bruises.
Apply to damaged, dry or irritated skin. Danu Healing Salve is an effective, yet gentle balm ideal for use on minor cuts, scrapes, burns and rashes. Use the salve sparingly and it will leave skin feeling soft without excess oil